Sunday, 15 July 2012

Last walk on the towpath

The towpath that goes from opposite Wick Village, by the A12 bridge to the A11 was originally going to be a 'green route' for walkers and cyclists into the Olympics. A lot of money was spent doing it up and putting in bridges that go into the park.

Around a month ago I saw a small notice on the towpath saying that it was going to be closed from 3rd July to 10 September. We didn't get any other notification and when it came to the 3rd nothing happened except a couple of people in 2012 tracksuits standing around at the spot where the towpath was supposed to be closed. 

On the 4th I decided to go for a walk again and see what was happening. The 2012 people were standing at the top but they didn't say anything as I went past. As I passed the old boathouse three security guards came marching along the path towards me saying I shouldn't be on there, they're closing it off and I have to leave at White Post Lane. When I got to the bridge at White Post Lane there were soldiers everywhere and lots of irate cyclists, walkers and joggers. When I got back home there was a metal barrier up, and four soldiers right opposite my house.

These are some of the photos I took on my last walk.

Dee Dee x

The International Broadcast Centre from Wick Village

Building the landing place for the Olympics water taxis

The 'temporary' car park that they want to keep now. The better designed part behind it was the 'permanent' one.

Wick Village from across the water

Woke up one day to see workmen digging up grass and wildflowers by the towpath. They said it's for the landing place for Olympics boats.

Wick Village communal area. The LLDC want to put a bridge landing here.

'Inspire a generation'

The electric fence with cameras and motion sensors

The Eton boathouse 

One of the bridges originally supposed to be a route into the park before the towpath was closed

Dredger cleaning the canal

Olympics power centre

The White Building - artists' studios, exhibition space and brewery/pizzeria  

The soldiers stopping me going on the towpath

Water Chariots boat - £45 or £90 to come down from Tottenham

Stadium from the pontoon at Counter Cafe in Stour Space

The soldiers guarding the towpath opposite Wick Village

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